WATCH: Billy Eichner Visited Sesame Street To Yell At A Bunch Of Muppets

Billy Eichner really likes to yell at strangers. And he’s good at it, too.

So good that he’s turned it into a career; the entire basis for his very good show ‘Billy on the Street.’
But while part of the charm of that show is watching people react when they’re suddenly confronted with a camera and a tall man emitting a wall of noise at them, the tradeoff is that Billy’s sweet heart can sometimes be well overlooked. He’s a kind man, after all.
Using the platform to spread joy and happiness and cookies? Now that’s good watching.
Billy took a trip down to Sesame Street to hand out cookies to the loveable residents in exchange for answering a few nice questions, with a clearly salivating Cookie Monster scurrying along in tow.
It’s sweet and nice and really cute, you guys. Nice things!

Big fan of Billy’s pained face as he tries desperately to not get a single crumb of that prop cookie into his mouth.
That’s champagne performance, right there.

Source: YouTube.