WATCH: Billy Eichner Ropes In Amy Poehler For Aggressive Chrimbo Carols

If you’re STILL not in the festive spirit on this Christmas Eve, dear pals, then perhaps ‘Parks and Recreation‘ old hats Billy Eichner and Amy Poehler can help a grinch out.

Billy roped in his former Pawnee boss for an Chrimbo-themed ‘Billy on the Street‘ episode, in which they run up to random New Yorkers and aggressively convince them to sing Christmas carols for a buck.

*SIGHS* Oh, to be in NYC and scream “GOOD KING WENCESLAS LOOKED OUT, ON THE FEAST OF STEEEE-PHEN” two inches from Leslie Knope‘s face. One can dream, I suppose (or one can just watch the vid below, cheers).

Photo: Billy on the Street.