OUR HEARTS: ‘Billy On The Street’ Helped Someone Come Out To Their Fam

Ever-brilliant and always-shouty Billy Eichner is back for a fifth season of Billy On The Street, and he played a very topical game of ‘Immigrant or True American‘ with a complete stranger known only as Kevin
It was all very cute. Kevin works as an office manager and his favourite comic is ‘A-Force’, which has an all-female leading cast. He was wearing a ridiculous shirt, and told Billy that the guy he’s dating, Alex, loves him. 
Kevin played along with the game brilliantly, and answered every question right. He won a prize to take home to his love. Everyone is delightfully happy. Perfect television.
Turns out, Kevin actually used his moment in the TV spotlight to come out to his family, unbeknownst to Billy and the team. Stop it this is ~too perfect~ and adorable and we can’t bloody take it.

Billy On The Street is unknowingly changing lives and helping people. All the awards, please.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Billy On The Streets/truTV.