Billy Eichner In Super Catty Twitter Feud Over ‘Billy On The Street’ Rip-Off

Billy Eichner definitely did not invent the concept of shoving microphones in strangers’ faces and peppering them with questions, although he certainly perfected it in Billy On The Street.
Over the weekend, however, Eichner got into a good old-fashioned Twitter fight with former Tonight Show correspondent and RuPaul’s Drag Race star Ross Matthews, accusing him of stealing the Billy On The Street concept for a commercial.
For reference, here’s the video that caused all of this:

Eichner initiated the beef with a couple of unusually aggressive Tweets, in which he called out Matthews and Capital One for copying his style, adding an all-caps “FUCK YOU” for emphasis:  

While we agree with him on the ‘not funny’, ‘stolen intellectual property’ may be pushing it just a tad. A short time later, Matthews responded, claiming never the have heard of Billy or seen his videos:

Billy then claimed that Capital One asked him to do the ad first and he turned it down because he doesn’t “work cheap”, a classic passive aggressive power play:

Andy Cohen, who presides over Real Housewives reunions and knows a good wig-snatching when he sees one, tried to step in at this point:

Matthews then lobbed it back over the net, saying he’d gotten around to watching some Billy On The Street segments for the first time. “He’s funny! Wish he was nice, too,” he said. Burn.

Eichner signed off after that, saying “life is short and I won’t be getting into a Twitter feud with ROSS THE INTERN of all people.” It’s a bit late for that now, sorry mate.
Here’s some classic Billy On The Street for your nerves:
Source: Vulture.
Photo: Mike Windle / Frazer Harrison / Getty.