WATCH: Ariana Grande’s ‘Everyday’ Is An Anthem For Sexing In Public

Hope you’re sitting down because my god this is a spicy video.
For someone who I assume is the princess darling of pop music, Ariana Grande certainly is pushing into more provocative ground with the clip for her latest single featuring Future, Everyday‘.
“How so?” you ask? Well, let’s just say that this clip is pretty much Ariana singing her sweet melodies and throwing down some serious swears as a bunch of couples in different scenarios just hop on the good foot and do the bad thing. 
It’s a very public affair with ‘onlookers’ (read: definitely clued-in extras) looking on with feigned horror/surprise/OMG-faces as the real stars of the steamy clip get so hot under the collar that they just have to take their clothes off I guess. It’s spicy. It’s so very spicy.
It’s a great representation of all the people that love to get their rocks off – and easily the best part is the elderly couple going at it on the bus while some very-convincing extras look absolutely mortified by what’s happening next to them in the accessible seating area.
Tbh more artists that wanna do the whole raunchy ~implied sexy times~ thing should be more inclusive than just a vanilla hetero vibe. Ya dig?
Anyway, it certainly is a video that exists and if you are so inclined, check it out below.
Photo: ArianaGrandeVevo.