Fashion designer and LGBTQI+ ally Vera Wang just shared a selfie ahead of her 71st birthday and holy shit, I’ll have whatever she’s having.

Wang took to Instagram to share a photo of her wearing rainbow nails to celebrate the anniversary of same-sex marriage legalisation.

“My #PRIDE athleisure look,” she captioned the post before tagging her Vera Wang sunnies and rings.

We love her for being an LGBTQI+ ally, but can we also just take a moment to appreciate how insanely youthful she looks? Iconic.

Back in May, she had to take to Twitter to “fact check” her age because people were simply mind-blown that she’s 70 and not 25.

Many fans flocked to the replies to ask where she’s hiding the fountain of youth and I’m no doctor but I have a feeling her efforts to fight for equality are keeping her young.

“Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail and not much sun,” she replied to a fan who asked for her secrets.

To put it simply, she has unsubscribed from ageing.

The jaw-dropping photo comes after her company used their resources to sew non-surgical face masks to help in the fight against coronavirus.

It really does pay to be an unproblematic queen. The moral of the story? Be a good person and you’ll look like you’re 25 on your 71st birthday (probably).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need a vodka cocktail and not much sun.