We’ve heard many horror stories during this pandemic, but has it ever occurred to you that there are women out in the world trapped in lockdown with their blind date that they just met?? Because that’s exactly what happened to this woman, and it is my nightmare.

A woman in China known only as Ms Wang posted on WeChat last week that she was visiting a blind date’s house after he offered to cook her dinner. Being a blind date, this was the first time the two were properly meeting.

“I’m getting quite old, so my parents arranged more than 10 blind dates for me,” she said in the post, per BBC.

Girl, you are never too old, but I digress.

One of her dates (the fifth one, actually) reckoned he was a great chef and wanted to show her his skills.

“He was good at cooking, and invited me to his house so he could cook a meal”, she wrote.

I know what you’re thinking — this is just a level up way to ~Netflix and chill~, but apparently, he was actually serious.

She actually got to the point where they were sharing the meal, when disaster struck — and by disaster, I mean his neighbourhood was put into immediate lockdown. Leaving her trapped with a stranger who is also her date. Blind date. *Internal screaming*.

As of Sunday, Ms Wang has been stuck with her date for four days, which she described as “not ideal”. The understatement of the century, that poor woman.

It’s actually not even clear if she’s escaped yet — but on the bright side, she said her date has cooked for her every day since. And who knows, maybe love is found in the most unlikely of places? I’m sure Netflix is already securing the rights to this movie.