Time Out Dating Survey

Knocking boots. Bumping uglies. A bit of the ole in and out (ultraviolence optional). Taming the one eyed monster. Sewing your wild oats. Quite simply, gettin’ some. Whatever thinly veiled euphemism you may use let’s break it down Salt-N-Pepa style – let’s talk about sex baby.

I’ve been out of the dating game for almost three years and though I love Wifey very much and am surprisingly content with being a homebody I’ve often wondered what the modern world of dating is like. Are people picking up via Tweets? Does the recession make dating a financial minefield? Are there any rules anymore? Does speed dating actually involve any Amphetamines?

Thankfully for the ill-informed Time Out Sydney’s newest issue which hits newsstands today (Wednesday 8 July) answers all the above questions and more. Age old queries such as “Is there really a man drought in Sydney?” (not on Oxford Street) or “Is online dating safe?” (not from ridicule) are answered.

But before you read the issue let’s warm up with a bit of foreplay (foreplay is good right? right?). Of the hundreds of Sydneysiders polled for the issue, 44% were prepared to ‘put out’ on a first date, while an indiscriminate 8% guaranteed full-on sex no matter what. Love is a battlefield eh? Â