Tinder Just Launched A Group Dating Option & Hell Now Has A New Name

The trauma of dating has reached new heights, with Tinder launching a new ‘group dating’ option that lets you and your mates engineer potential orgies.
Called Tinder Social, us Aussies are once again the guinea pigs of the dating super app’s latest trial, although the company said in a blog post it hopes to roll it out globally.
So, how does it work? When using the app in “group mode,” you can swipe left or right on groups of chicks or blokes who are up for a joint hang the same way you would individuals. If the interest is mutual, voila – you’ll find yourself in a Whatsapp-style convo.
TBH this sounds like a recipe for disaster, insofar as the odds of this *actually* working out without a whole lotta catfighting, cock-blocking and an inevitable third wheel by the night’s end.
This could quite easily be you, or your m8:

Tinder reckons it’s a go-er, though, and insists it isn’t even necessarily about finding new fuckbuddies – it’s more about the OTHER ‘F’, being friendship.
“It’s a way to go places full of people you’ve already matched with, making socialising so much easier once you’re out and about,” says Tinder. “Whether you’re looking for groups you share common interests with, or you’re looking for a completely new adventure, Tinder Social is a better way to go out with friends.”
Because extending your social scene is what Tinder is all about.
Source: Tinder.