Hell yes you read that right, Tinder is gearing up for the release of Swipe Night – an interactive adventure series and hoo boy, it sounds wild. 

Unfortunately season 1 is only going to be available in the United States of A, but Tinder is heaps keen to roll it out around the world sometime later. Plus, it’s bound to cop some attention on the socials so to avoid being all “???” mid-scroll, here’s what you need to know.

At 6pm on October 6 (local time in the US), Tinder will unleash its first episode of the choose-your-own-adventure series. Subsequent episodes will go live every Sunday, but will only be available for six hours – from 6pm to midnight.

So Swipe Night is a first-person [checks notes] “apocalyptic adventure” where Tinder uses will have to decide what happens to them next. Choices will dictate far more than the story, it’ll also impact who you match with and what you chat about.

Tinder’s Going Full ‘Black Mirror’ With A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Show
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Swipe Night follows a group of friends played by Angela Wong Carbone (Chinatown Horror Story), Jordan Christian Hearn (Inherent Vice), and Shea Gabor. At the head of the group is – that’s right – you. As the story progresses, you’ll face a slew of moral dilemmas and practical choices, with only seven seconds to make your decision.

After each instalment, critical choices will be added to users’ profiles to so you can suss out potential matches and their decision-making abilities.

As Tinder said: “All of this new information will make for plenty of material for post-apocalyptic banter.”

Tinder brought in absolute gun Karena Evans (2019 BET Award winner and music director of Drake) to helm the series, with Nicole Delaney (Big Mouth), and Brandon Zuck (Insecure) as writers.

“Dating is all about connection and conversation, and Swipe Night felt like a way to take that to the next level,” Tinder’s Chief Product Officer Ravi Mehta said. “Our hope is that it will encourage new, organic conversations based on a shared content experience.”

Image: Tinder