Tinder has announced it’s trialling a new update that could see you spend even more time swiping through the app, as you continue your quest for true love, a breezy hook-up, or the complicated grey area in between.

Tinder Feed will allow you to showcase your new Instagram photos, Tinder photo updates, and top Spotify artists in a feed viewable by your matches. And, if they’re particularly shaken by your latest thirst trap, they will be able to respond to it in-app, instead of sliding straight into those Instagram DMs.

It does somehow seem a little less involved than having your match reference a photo tucked away in the Instagram roll embedded underneath your profile, but it could also present an opportunity for the gamification of Instagram feeds for the express purpose of garnering attention on Tinder.

(Wait, that already happens. Never mind.)

Of course, you’ll be able to curate what content ends up in the Feed – if you want any at all. For users whose music tastes verge on the extreme, it may not be strictly beneficial to display your affinity for Cannibal Corpse between pictures of your Cavoodle.

The feature is currently being tested on users in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Source: Tinder