This Is Exactly How Selena Gomez Pulled Off Her Fierce Met Gala Beauty Look

The Met Gala brings out some of the very best in celeb fashion – but it’s also the event for beauty looks that really bring the drama. This year, all eyes were on Selena Gomez with this shouldn’t-work-but-totally-does pink eye situation. Generally, the idea of pink eye makeup has everyone thinking of, well, pinkeye the medical condition. But hot damn did it work for Selena last night.

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The look was created by the masterful Hung Vanngo, celeb makeup artist and all-round extremely talented dude. Vanngo worked in collaboration with Marc Jacobs Beauty for the look, and luckily for us he went into extreme detail over on their Instagram account as to how he actually created it, and the products he used. 
“After applying #CoconutPrimer, I buffed Genius Gel into the skin,” Vanngo begins. “I added luminosity to the skin by blending Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter on top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and on the Cupid’s bow. I followed with a little Remedy Concealer Pen under the eyes, and Re(Marc)able Concealer wherever a bit of extra coverage was wanted. To set, I used Perfection Powder through the t-zone. I then dusted the high points of the face with O!Mega Bronzer and added a swirl of Air Blush to the apples of the cheeks.”
Then, he got into how exactly he did that pink shadow without making it all look like a hard case of conjunctivitis. Turns out, it’s actually predominantly eyeliner that’s been blended out.

“For the bright pop of color on Selena’s eyes, I drew Matte Highliner in Popular along the top lashline, into the crease, and onto the outer third of the eyelid, extending outward. I blended this into the shape I wanted with a brush. I then applied the soft pink shades from Style Eye-Con No. 7 Palette in The Lover as a wash across the entire eye, and along the bottom lashes. The lashes were thickened and defined with a coat of Velvet Noir Mascara on top, and just slightly on the bottom with Feather Noir Ultra-skinny Mascara.”?
We’re also always about new ways to master a nude lip. Turns out Vanngo is a fan of actual lip lining, not completely filling in lips with liner before going in with lipstick.
“For lips, I wanted to keep the same tonal color story. I used one of my favorite colors from New Nudes, In The Mood. Before applying this, I softly outlined lips with (P)outliner in Nudeist.”?
Ever wanted to know how celebs get that ethereal, lit-from-within look on their bod? It’s all in body makeup.

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“For a glow on the body, I went back and added #MarcGlowStick in “Spotlight” on the collarbones, shoulders, arms and the legs.?A quick spritz of Coconut Setting Mist on the way out the door, and she’s good to go!” 
We are 100% giving that Glow Stick a run on our next night out. Wish you had some spare $$$ to throw around at the makeup counter now? If you win our current comp with pals Set for Life, you could find yourself with $20k in your pocket:

Image: Instagram / @hungvanngo.