Selena Gomez’s Latest Mag Cover Is 100% Naturale, Minus Any Hair Or Makeup

Beautiful angel singer Alicia Keys made a bold statement last year when she publicly announced that she was going to stop wearing makeup. Now another singer with a big voice has made a splash, with Selena Gomez appearing on the cover of The Business of Fashion magazine’s latest print edition with no makeup or styling to be seen.

This was all revealed when artist Petra Collins posted on her personal Instagram that she had taken a little road trip with Selena to shoot the cover.

There is no doubting this is a very nice picture, but it also features a 25-year-old with access to the best beauty regimes standing in front of a sun beam, so even though it is cool and nice, let’s not get too liberal with throwing around the word ‘brave’ shall we?

In any case it’s not the first time Gomez has been fine to appear without makeup, posting a photo from the clip for her ‘Bad Liar‘ track, featuring a makeup-free look.

Gomez is featured in the magazine edition along with Adwoa Aboah, Lily-Rose Depp, and Kris Wu, who all grace the cover.


The magazine said that they chose the cover stars for their ability to reach a certain demographic.
This issue focuses on Millennial and Gen-Z consumers, Generation Next, as we are calling them. Who are they and how to reach them? Each of our cover stars has that special something that makes them irresistible to Generation Next. And each has built long-term partnerships with major global fashion brands aiming to connect with the enormous communities of young people these influencers have attracted on social media platforms.
It seems Gomez will probably sometimes wear makeup and sometimes will not, and as with us normals, it is purely her decision and she can do what she wants.