Looks Like Selena Gomez Hated Her Met Gala Beauty Look As Much As You Did

Selena Gomez has dropped some strong hints that she, too, hated her Met Gala beauty look.

In truly huge news, the singer absolutely SHOCKED fans by rocking up to the Met with approximately one tonne of bronzer on her face. Who is Selena’s makeup artist and why do they hate her?

Pictured: wtfffff.

The theme this year was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Obviously, the only thing better than actually attending the Met Gala is sitting at home, eating chips and judging the fuck out of every single look, so you better believe that Twitter noticed.






Selena hasn’t posted a single photo from the event. It’s the one night of the year every other celeb can post like six identical photos and get away with it, so this is unusual in and of itself. Also, I assume she’s contractually obligated by Coach (which designed her dress, took her to the event, and pays her many millions to be the face of the brand) to post something. This is Weird and Unusual™.

All she’s posted so far is this: a blurry shot of her running away in her overblown yawn of a gown. “Me when I saw my pictures from MET,” she captioned it.

Confirmed (in a way that’s actually not confirmed at all): Selena just fired her MUA. RIP to their career.