This Can’t Be Pippa Middleton’s Tatler Cover?

The breakout commoner of 2011 has undeniably been Pippa Middleton and her gravity defying ass. Such is her star power that magazine UK Tatler have allegedly bestowed the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister with the honour of covering the August issue.

Now, apparently, according to the internet the cover is this:

Surely that can’t be the real cover. Surely, whoever is being paid at Tatler to design these things wouldn’t just use an old wedding photo of her head then let a crafty nine-year-old decoupage the shit out of it using offcuts from the Tournament of Roses Parade.

The internet hasn’t revealed the original source of the image yet but for the sake of the graphic designers out there who would dream of directing a title like Tatler, I do hope this is either fake or some incredibly deep satire.

Via Popsugar