These Are The Foundations Your Beauty Vlogger Faves Actually Froth Over

Finding the right foundation is like finding a best friend who finally understands your soul. I’m not even being dramatic – if you’ve got an MVP foundation already, you’re well across this.

Thing is, going to department stores/beauty boutiques/pharmacies and swatching 400 up your arm, only to find it’s too greasy on your skin and also makes you look like you have a mild case of jaundice.

Who better to hit up for foundation rec’s than beauty vloggers? They use makeup literally every day, and given they’re potentially obsessed on a clinically concerning level with it, chances are they’ve tried it all and know what works.

We hunted down the times our faves waxed lyrical about their own MVPs, so you can just lazily scroll through this and learn while we sweat blood compiling it for you.


Lauren raved about CoverFX Custom Cover Drops as part of her 2016 favourite products wrap video recently.

“These are a godsend. I have fallen in love with this very deeply and very quickly! You get this intense coverage – obviously you’re meant to add these to your pre-existing foundations, like your tinted moisturiser and it increases the coverage. I wear it on its own.”


Manny MUA’s pick? Dior Airflash Foundation, which he mentions a lot but went into detail about in his Ride or Die vlog.

“This foundation is just so good to me, I just love it so much. This is maybe the fourth bottle I’ve gone through. It looks so beautiful on, I just can’t stop – it’s such a pretty foundation, it leaves me dewy and luminous and just looks really like… just GOOD”.


NZ vlogger Shannon Harris (aka Shaaanxo) did an entire video on her favourite foundations – but the review that stands out is for Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, which she claims is her “tried and true best friend in a foundation“.

This just always looks good. I don’t think I’ve ever worn it and it’s looked bad. If I need my foundation to look good and I don’t want to take any risks, this is my go-to foundation because no matter what I do, no matter how I apply it, I put it on and my skin looks flawless, amazing, great. It’s really easy to blend, it doesn’t go orange… I will always, always repurchase this.


Michael Finch has not one, but two ride or die foundationsGiorgio Armani Luminous Silk, and Lancome Teint Idole. He mixes them together to make one ‘super’ base product. How extra is THAT.

“I just think it’s a stunning, stunning result. It is full coverage, it looks amazing, it looks like skin.”


US vlogger Kathleen majorly rates Make Up For Ever’s Face And Body Foundation. Although she says she’s sad they’ve discontinued it and instead replaced it with their new Water Blend Foundation – she also acknowledges the formulas are very, very similar.

Every time I wear this foundation I get complimented on my skin. Every. Single. Time. This is the foundation I wear to events, because it looks great in photos, it looks great in the daytime, it looks great in the night-time… a lot of people will tell me ‘you don’t even look like you’re wearing foundation!’ and I love that.


Beauty maestro Huda Kattan has an entire vlog to cover her top six foundations. We could mention them all here, but decided to go with the one pharmacy brand that made it in – Maybelline New York’s Fit Me Foundation.

This foundation is the most natural I’ve ever used, it’s super, super, super natural. It is from Maybelline New York and it’s the Fit Me foundation. This is amazing because it actually makes your skin look like skin. I know that I’ve worn this a couple of times, and I’ve forgotten I was wearing it, and I was like ‘oh my god, my skin looks so good!’ and then I remembered I was wearing foundation.


Jaclyn’s ride or die foundation? Make Up For Ever’s Ultra HD Stick Foundation – an interesting choice as it’s their HD liquid that usually has vloggers frothing.

This to me is the best foundation ever. I always know what I’m going to get with it, I always know the payoff, the coverage, the way it’s going to wear. It’s weird because this foundation hasn’t even been out for that long, it hasn’t even been out for a year I don’t think, and I’m already making this my ride or die number one foundation in the whole world.


Aussie beauty gal Shani did a wrap of her beauty faves from 2016, and heavily repped the Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Water Foundation.

It matches perfectly to my fake tan. This is the foundation that I’m wearing right now – it is a medium to full coverage foundation, you can build it up. It just feels so lightweight on the skin, it makes the skin look so healthy and airbrushed.

Brb, maxing out my credit card and adding all to cart.