Here’s How To Streamline Your Beauty Routine Bc We’re Tired Of Wasting Money On Bad Products

Like every person and their dog, I have decided that 2023 will be my year. Am I jinxing this by putting it in writing? Only time will tell. But a couple of weeks into the new year and we are feeling good, folks. 

So good that my to-do list is actually getting ticked off each day (my 2022-self could never). One activity I decided to do at 7pm the day before the holidays ended? Organise my over-flowing bathroom beauty drawers.

After an hour (okay, an hour and a bit), I’d cleared out three full bags of old products (RIP my bank account) to reveal drawers that even a beauty influencer would be proud of. 


This inspired me to look at my beauty routine in general. I’m a low-maintenance girly and my makeup looks the same whether I’m going to work or to the club. But, in the spirit of the new year, I’m looking to streamline my beauty routine into working for me (not the other way around). If you’re also in the same boat, AKA drowning in a sea of skincare and makeup that you don’t know how to use, then read on for some tips. 

Make Your Products Work For You

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the hype of trending beauty products. Especially if you’re on the beauty hack side of TikTok. But what works for one person, won’t always work for another.

That’s why getting tailored skincare is a red-hot way to ensure that the products are actually helping your skin, not just sliding off onto your pillow at night. Brands like Software offer online dermatology services to create a custom formula for your skincare routine.

Aussie doctors on Software can match you with both prescription and over-the-counter skincare that’s literally personalised to your skin type. Pretty scientific if you ask me. Start a consult online and away you go. You’ll also end up saving money by buying what you know works for your skin rather than keeping up with what everyone else is using.

Check You’re Wearing The Right Shade

After you’ve got your skincare sorted online, why not tick off your makeup as well? It’s comforting to stick to the same brand and shade of makeup we’ve been wearing since Year 10 but we’re grown-ups now and foundation lines are not cute.

Make sure you’re wearing the right shade of concealer and foundation for your skin tone to make your beauty routine more seamless. US brand Il Makiage has gone viral for matching customer’s skin tone to the correct shade and the reviews are glowing. Brb, choosing my summer and winter skin tone makeup.

What Do You Have Access To?

When I was on my new year cleaning binge, I found a heap of products at the back of my bathroom cupboard that had barely been touched. Some of these had to head to beauty guru graveyard because they were out of date.

As each bottle looked up at me, oozing three-year-old face cream from its cap, I wished I’d had it somewhere I’d see it. Don’t let your products become like the toys in Toy Story 3. Instead, organise your drawers and shelves in groups i.e. haircare, skincare, makeup, and ensure that they’re within eyesight (or, at least within eyesight when you open the cupboard doors).

2023-me in drawer form.

As I said, I’m no beauty expert but I reckon these three tips are the beginning to getting your beauty routine under control, saving coins by actually using the products, and not wondering whether that trending retinol is burning your skin barrier off. Eeek.