Harry Styles’ Beauty Line ‘Pleasing’ Is Finally Here & Those Nail Polishes Don’t Come Cheap

harry styles pleasing launch-2

Clear out your vanity and apologise to your wallet because Harry Styles has officially dropped his new beauty line, Pleasing, and those nail polishes don’t come cheap.

After months of speculation and even a recent leak, Harry has officially announced Pleasing’s launch in an Instagram post confirming the rumours.

“I started Pleasing to collaborate with people who inspire me, and to explore ideas that go beyond music,” he said in the caption.

“I hope you love it as much as I do. It’s for you, it’s just the beginning. H”.

The site for his new beauty line is now live, and you can already start buying his products. Which, I regret to inform you, are boujee as fuck. Nothing but the best for our king, but my wallet is crying.

The nail polish set that’s been hyped for weeks costs AUD$97 for a set of four, and at that point I could just buy tickets to see Harry in person, ya know?

But alas, stans gotta stan, and into debt I go.

The products all have their “sustainability details” listed in their descriptions which I think is a pretty cool little embellishment, so Harry, I forgive you for breaking my back- I mean, bank.

Perfect Polish, Harry Styles' Pleasure Line
The Perfect Polish Set by Harry Styles.

Harry stans have been in overdrive since he started dropping hints way back in May, when it was discovered he was the director of a new perfume and cosmetics company.

Between then and now, Harry’s been spotted wearing hoodies emblazoned with the word ‘Pleasing’, sending fans into a whole tizz that he’ll be doing his own beauty range. Fast forward to earlier this month, and big posters with the same slogan were spotted in London by British GQ‘s Style Editor, Zak Maoui. Ugh, the BUILD UP.

A sneaky teaser video was posted to YouTube as well, which matches the posters spotted across London.

A website for Pleasing then appeared, which had nothing more than a holding page and an option to punch in details to sign up to the mailing list.

Somehow, a few fans were able to get into the actual site where the smoking gun was found: a photo of Harry’s hands showing off the range of nail polish (!!!) being sold as part of the first drop of products.

One fan connected the now-very-obvious dots, because maybe this whole thing has been hiding in plain site this entire time?

Interestingly, there was a lot of drama on Twitter that this was all some kind of elaborate prank, too. Many Harry Styles stans (known as “Harries”) claimed the range isn’t real and the whole thing is a fan-made project for the singer’s birthday. Which led to allegations of gatekeeping the range by encouraging people to believe it’s all a scam, and in turn freeing up more product for themselves. Very glad to not be *that* type of fan.

Either way, Pleasing is officially here, and you can start ordering now!