Cult US Makeup Brand Wet N Wild Finally Has An Official Aussie Stockist

If there’s one gripe beauty obsessives who live in Australia have, it’s our limited access to cult American beauty brands. The exxy ones usually find their way into Mecca or Sephora, but what about the cheapie Walmart ones?

While I’m still waiting for Cerave and Aquaphor to find their official Aussie online stockists, makeup fans will hit the fucking roof this morning w/ the announcement that Wet N Wild – the makeup line that’s a) incredibly affordable and b) creator of some of the best highlighters in the biz now has a legit Aussie online home.

Yes, yes – all of these brands can be sourced via online stores. But until now there’s never been an official one, so the places you were buying from were, well, kinda not legal. At the very least, it was simply a third party situation with a hefty shipping price.

Glam Raider is Wet N Wild’s Aussie home, and yes – they stock the incred Megaglo Highlighter.

Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder, $10

As well as the Photo Focus foundation.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation, $12

And a huge range of other Wet N Wild products. Also, as someone who has never come across Glam Raider before – they’ve got some schmick other brands on there, like The Gypsy Shrine, who do killer glitters and sequin festival products.

The Gypsy Shrine Ice Queen Face Jewels, $20

And Unicorn Lashes, who (aside from great falsies) make those Insta-famous unicorn makeup brush kits.

Unicorn Lashes Revamped Unicorn Brush Set, $84

Shipping in Sydney was an easy $9, by the way – so no, you won’t cop outrageous shipping prices for these bebs.

BRB spending all my money on beauty stuff I do not need in the slightest.