The second Trump / Clinton debate is raging on, and apart from being one of the most depressing spectacles yet seen in American politics, it’s also extremely high-stakes. Trump has come out swinging, knowing that he really, really needs to fight back against accusations he’s a sexual predator following leaked comments over the weekend.

Look, I dunno who has been coaching The Donald on his debate technique, but his physical presence is goddamn intense. Trump looks like he’s leering at Clinton in the line at the Coles self-checkout machine.

My dude Donald looks like he straight up wants to hit her in the back of the damn head.

But look, it’s not just Trump who is showing off intense-as-hell body language. Check out this dude in the audience, who looks like he may have already made his mind up before joining the crowd for this debate.

Early debate thoughts? Apart from being LITERAL HELL, it’s slightly less shambolic than the first one. Trump seems like he’s doing better, but he’s also extremely fired up, and is getting way more jabs in on Clinton than in the last one.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: ABC.