Donald Trump Went On A Baffling 3AM Twitter Rant About Sex Tapes

Donald Trump‘s canny and often unhinged use of Twitter is absolutely one of the things that helped catapult him to political prominence and aided him in seizing the Republican nomination. 

Unlike other political tweeters, Trump uses the service like a weapon – slinging out insults and personal attacks which his fans retweet like mad. It’s all very effective. But now that he’s trying to come across as a little more presidential, weird 3am rants about sex tapes and conspiracies tend to come across… a little differently, you know?

He’s referring to former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado, who Hillary Clinton brought up in the debate as a woman Trump had belittled – calling her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” because of her Venezuelan heritage. 
It was a strong play by Clinton and it clearly rattled Trump – who already struggles to win the votes of women and minorities – so now he’s talking about a sex tape? The tape he’s referring to, according to The Daily Beast is “non-explicit footage from a Spanish reality-TV show in which the Venezuelan model supposedly had sex with a fellow participant.” 

So basically he’s discrediting her because she might have smanged on something that sounds like Big Brother: UpLate.

But besides it all, the biggest head-scratcher here is who the hell was this tweet targeted at? The stoner crowd? The furious supporters who are extremely mad about Miss Universe at 3am?

For his part, Trump reckons the 3am tweet just proves he’s ready to do what it takes at whatever time, whether it’s launching ICBMs at Iran or roasting someone on Twitter.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Getty Images.