WATCH: ‘SNL’ Gives Trump’s Creepy Debate Lurk The Disrespect It Deserves

At this point, it’s actually become a lil’ tiresome to list all of the reasons Donald J. Trump shouldn’t be elected President of the United States Of America. While it’s absolutely necessary the American voting public be informed of the man’s multitudinous failings, it’s not too much fun. At all.

That’s not really a concern for the journalistic enterprises that have continually covered his shittiness, but it is an issue for Saturday Night Live. As well as Alec Baldwin impersonates the bloke, only so much humour can be eked from the knowledge a presidential candidate faces so many allegations of sexual assault.

So, what was SNL to do for its inevitable second presidential debate sketch? They covered the issue above, sure, but they also highlighted one of Trump’s “safer” failings: his creepy, leering lurk behind his opponent Hillary Clinton during the ordeal.

OFC, Lorne Michaels & Co. aren’t the only crew to draw attention to that bizarre behaviour. Trump was pilloried for ghosting the Democratic nominee during the debate by damn near everyone with a Twitter account, and the folks at Funny Or Die also employed esteemed Hollywood composer Danny Elfman to score the legit footage.

If only some needlessly domineering stage-presence was the only thing we could rag on him about…

Source and photo: Saturday Night Live / Twitter.