Donald Trump Has A ‘Crooked Hillary’ Snapchat Geofilter At The Debate RN

Holy bananas. 
So, if you’re a fan of loud arguments and/or listening to reality television stars yell over politicians with decades of experience, then you are likely watching the US Presidential Election Debate right now. 
The noisy debate between Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican liability Donald Trump is happening as we speak live in New York, and oh god fact checkers please get to work. 
Anyway, we just thought you’d like to see this: Donald Trump‘s campaign has paid for a Snapchat geofilter about ‘Crooked Hillary‘, which app users at the event can use as framing for their story. 
He has also given users a second ‘Debate Day‘ filter, which shows angry cartoon Hillary & Donald getting grumpy at each other. 
Last but not least, there’s a video filter where Trump legitimately JUMPS OUT OF AIR FORCE ONE, AND LANDS IN FRONT OF HIS DEBATE PODIUM. 
JFC, where’s Bernie? (He’s here. He looks a bit sad.)

Source: Mashable
Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty.