Remembering The Worst 00s Fashion Trends That Popped Up On ‘The Hills’

With The Hills: New Beginnings starting up this month, I’ve been taking a good old walk down memory lane with the OG series. And what I’ve realised is this – I did not need to revisit my terrible fashion choices of the 00s.

[jwplayer sVILPwzU]

Christ, why did we wear literally ANYTHING from the 00s? It is truly the worst era of fashion since the dawn of time. And if you need a reminder, The Hills is really the only show you need to watch.

We’ve got everything from headbands to bubble dresses in here, so let’s all cringe so hard we fold into our bus seats, yeah?

1. Decorative Scarves

WHY WERE WE ALL WEARING SCARVES WITH T-SHIRTS. Or worse, singlets? Were we middle-aged private school mums?

2. Headbands

As far as 00s trends go this was probably the least insufferable, but the DID get bigger and more useless over time.

3. Weird Grecian Goddess Headbands

Like I said, the headband trend morphed into this, weird Grecian Goddess headbands that served no purpose besides giving you a big headache.

4. Giant Sunnies

Sunnies got bigger and bigger until they took over our entire faces and made us look like human flies.

5. Bubble Dresses

What WERE these heinous dresses? Why did we want our party outfits to balloon out shapelessly, then restrict our leg movement? It was ridiculously unflattering.

6. Useless Beanies

Again with the warming accessories teamed with summer clothing – why? And what use is a beanie perched so far back on your head it may as well be floating in air?

7. Also, Beanies Indoors

Also on the beanie front – why were all guys wearing them indoors? These are an outdoor hat. The Hills star Justin Bobby – HUGE fan.

8. Leggings As Pants

Sure, they were comfy as fuck but now in the 2010s we can all firmly see, no one was convincing the world that they were wearing actual pants when they wore leggings.

9. Long Necklaces

If your necklace wasn’t so long it doubled as a choking hazard, then you weren’t doing accessories right.

10. Fedoras


11. Dresses Over Pants

Capri pants, no less.

12. Uggs As Shoes

That’s not Steph Pratt hanging around in her house Uggs – that’s Steph Pratt post-Melrose shopping spree in her style Uggs.

13. Strapless Tops

The more empire-waisted and lingerie-seeming, the better. The Hills stars adored tops like these.

14. Tight Singlets With Low-Rise Jeans

If you could manage to show off naked hip bones, you were in business. Alternative option – large useless belt OVER the jeans, to cover the hip bone area.

15. Trucker Hats

I can tell you right now, Brody has bever seen “the street”, let alone been born on it.

16. Scarves As Headbands

Basically all of the 00s was us holding our hair back half-heartedly.