The 2nd Most Upvoted Question Of Ewan McGregor’s AMA Is About His Peen

Reddit AMAs are a tricky beast to wrangle. Comments and questions are left by fans, some of them are really insightful and things you’ve also wanted to ask, and others are just downright weird. 

A variety of entries get responded to, all at the choice of the person holding the Q&A sesh – sometimes the really good ones get ignored and you’re left feeling a bit deflated because you’ll never know the answer.
But sometimes, just sometimes, pure miracles happen and the absolute left-of-field questions are deemed worthy of an answer.
Enter, Ewan McGregor. He jumped on Reddit this morning on the back of the release of Trainspotting 2 and boy howdy did the fans go wild. 
Bloody frothing at the mouth over the man who depicted Renton in the film adaptation of the notorious Irvine Welsh novel (as well as young Obi-Wan in that Star Wars episode we don’t talk about, and that guy who pines after our Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge).
Also enter, user ‘VelvetDelby’ – who had just watched Ewan in Velvet Goldmine and suddenly had a thought to ask this:
VelvetDelby, you cheeky bastard.

Now, you gotta think “nah, ol’ mate Ewan won’t bloody give this an answer” but lo and behold, the Scottish actor and top-notch human not only responded, but asked how VelvetDelby’s codger is too.
Onlookers and other users absolutely lost their minds and responded with a most brilliant display of dick jokes and innuendo, and pointing out that Ewan’s meat & two veg can be *ahem* viewed in other movies he’s done – for those interested.
Others were not as impressed, and were quick to call Ewan out for assuming the gender of VelvetDelby.
Assumptions aside, this, my friends, is how you do a fkn good AMA.
Photo: Getty / Frederick M. Brown.