Sydney, Wrap Your Lips Around This Hectic AF Soft Serve Challenge

Sydney-based restaurant and bar Pink Salt has gone and done what should have been done a lot fucking sooner, by teaming up with 10 of the country’s ‘illest foodstagrammers/bloggers to bring the city a different, ridiculously drool-worthy soft serve flavour every week for the next 10 weeks.
We’re talking some pretty sweet names: Helen Yee of Grab Your ForkNatalie Sum of Nutella Sum, the ladies of Two Girls One Fork, the lads of 2 Hungry GuysSydney Food CrewJosie Gagliano of Josie’s JuiceFor Food SakeThe Sydney SiderEating Up With The Hannashians and Jugernauts are all lending their creative minds to the collaboration.
Because the Pink Salt guys know nothing brings out the best in people quite like healthy competition, the evil genius behind the flavour that proves *most* popular by the end of the challenge will claim unofficial title of Sydney’s Best Soft Serve Generator, and get to serve up their milky, creamy, swirly concoction out of the Double Bay establishment for the entire month of December.
Though they all bring to the table *very* different soft serve flavours, each bloggers’ creation has the potential to vastly increase your waistline.
While we won’t ruin the fun by telling you which flavour belongs to whom, we can tell you syringes filled with chocolate fudge, meringue shards, chocolate-lined cones, honeycomb clusters, milo crumble, candied walnuts and toasted banana bread, candied lemon peels, salted caramel sauce and dripped smoked caramel toasted marshmallows with Graham cracker crumbs are just some of the toppings you’ll be able to wrap your lips round over the course of the project.
Bearing in mind it’s not easy to make soft serve look anything other than the morning after a bad Indian meal, from what we can see of this week’s flavour – Josie’s Juice’s blood orange and mascarpone ice cream finished off with meringue, lemon sponge and a cherry on top – the next four months is going to be nothing but awesomesauce.

The mastermind behind the Pink Salt Spring Soft Serve Challenge is owner Evan Hansimikali, who was inspired to buy a mahoosive soft serve machine earlier this year after our country’s obsession with food that’s so deeply disgusting it’s actually amazing hit peak level [see: MONSTER NUTELLA-STUFFED MILKSHAKES WITH DONUTS IN THEM]. 

“There’s been a definite trend towards fun desserts with a little bit of nostalgia in the food industry…fancy sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, popsicles and soft serves,” he says.

“It’s taken us about 6 months from the time that I bought the soft serve machine to now to perfect the making of soft serve from scratch, as it’s very different and much more difficult to making ice-cream.” 
“Nearly all the places making soft serve use a standard vanilla powdered mix and then mix in water and flavouring, whereas we make our base mix from scratch to produce distinct flavours and combinations that actually taste real.”
Wrap your lips round the soft serve flavours all 10 foodies have created with the help of Pink Salt’s in-house chefs from right now (Josie’s flavour runs until 22/9) until the last week of November, after which the winner will be decided.
Go forth and get fat.

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