Reynold Poernomo, otherwise known as the contestant who consistently produced some of the most fuck-off amazing desserts in the 2015 season of MasterChef Australia, is opening a dessert bar in Sydney.

Koi Dessert Bar will be opening in Chippendale from January 10, and offering a selection of finely-crafted dishes, with a patisserie-style cafe on the ground floor, and a lounge and bar area upstairs, offering a six-course degustation menu.

Before you ask, yes, a dish based on Reynold’s famous MasterChef apple dessert will be available – called Something Similar, it is made from “chocolate mousse, raspberry gel, soil and strawberry.”

New signature dessert that will be on the menu all summer long!

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Poernemo told Good Food that his favourite creation is the Summer Pearl, which features “a passionfruit, white chocolate sphere, caramalised saffron-pineapple and passionfruit curd.”

The dish is served with “hot and cold coconut” – that’s hot coconut broth, alongside a serve of coconut that’s been put through liquid nitrogen, for “a play of textures and temperatures.”

There will also be a savoury element to the menu, with Reynold’s brother Arnold Poernomo – a judge on the Indonesian version of MasterChef – hard at work in the kitchen. 

Poernomo said that he hopes the restaurant will bring greater recognition of and appreciation for Indonesian food:

“We have fine-dining Chinese, we have fine-dining Japanese, all over Australia, but we have nothing Indonesian, because people just see it as comfort food, home food, or street food.”

As if that wasn’t bloody excellent enough, Koi will be serving cocktails and drinks matched to the desserts within the next couple of months. In summary, then:

‘MasterChef’ Dessert King Reynold Is Opening A Sugar Mecca In Sydney


Story: Good Food / Koi Dessert Bar

Photo: MasterChef