A “Naughty Milkbar” W/ Boozy Cottees & Fairy Bread To Pop-Up At Opera Bar

Gastronomically-speaking, Easter is hands down the greatest holiday.

It’s an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner with naught an ounce of guilt.

eggs = nutritious 

But honestly, most of us are absolutely done with the brown stuff by the time Easter long weekend rolls around.

The ubiquitous Lindt bunnies have been hoping about supermarket shelves since January (seriously, who decides this?! Whomst is in charge of this wildly premature stockage of choc? They need to take a leaf outta Jesus‘ book and have some rest between the holidays, IMO) leaving those of us with minimal self-restraint chocced out.

Good news is, Sydney‘s iconic Daisy’s Milkbar are opening a pop-up “naughty milkbar” to cleanse your palate at Opera Bar over Easter, touting adult-appropriate spins on “much-loved Aussie milk bars from the past.”

We’re talking boozy Cottee’s cordial (green flavour, duh) and spiked Milo milkshakes. Classic desserts aren’t safe either; the Pavlova Colada is a hybrid dessert-cocktail with Bacardi, pineapple, lime, coconut, passionfruit and meringue:

On the food front, they’ll be slinging sweet treats Kath Day-Knight would have a conniption over, like trifle, banana splits and soft serve loaded with Easter eggs.

Loose coins can be used on shop counter goodies like fairy bread, chocolate crackles and lamingtons. The classic milk bar burger will also cop a revival, along with the nostalgic deli plates of Jatz with olives, cheese & cabanossi.

Cabanossi, for crying out loud! I can almost hear the Hey Hey It’s Saturday theme.

The Opera Bar will be completely transformed with pastel booths, gum ball machines and other old school paraphernalia bringing the vintage milkbar vibe to life.

Limited pre-purchase tickets for the ‘Naughty Combo’ are on offer for $30 and include a snack, such as a jaffle, sausage roll and mac & cheese, plus a cocktail and soft serve. They aren’t exactly 1970s milkbar prices, but then again, your local didn’t have a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, did it?

Daisy’s Naughty Milkbar will be located at the Opera Bar, Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House, Sydney NSW 2000 over Easter weekend, March 30th though April 2nd. 

You can book here.