PSA: ‘Walking Dead’ Zombies Will Be Roaming Sydney Streets This Weekend

In preparation for the sixth season of The Walking Dead, Australia’s decided to welcome some ‘Walkers’ onto our shores. 

No, we’re not talking international TWD fans – we’re talking legit, living dead, flesh-eating ‘Walkers’.
This weekend, there will be a ‘giant zombie hand’ protruding from the front of the Sydney Opera House, which will be unveiled at 10am on Saturday 10th October. 
The event, organised by FX and Foxtel, will show a special advanced screening of ~S06~. It’s unfortunately already sold out, so if you don’t already have tickets, you will have to watch at the same time as everyone else – October 12th. 
But if you wanna meet some members of the ~living dead on Earth~ to see if you would survive the zombie apocalypse, plus chow down on some limited edition ‘Carl’s Pudding’ from a Gelato Messina pop-up stall, get there damn early (they start serving at midday). We all know how crazy those lines outside Messina can get.