Sweaty Twitterers React To The Southern States’ Extreme Temperatures

For those dwelling in the Southernmost states of Australia, it’s hot out there. Rool hot.

And what do we do when it’s hot? We take to social media and talk about how GOD DAMN HOT IT IS (and also sometimes write web articles in our underpants because the bloody airconditioning broke sometime in winter and we didn’t know about it until JUST NOW).

Melbourne has hit 38°, and will climb to 40° before the day is out, with South Australia and Hobart experiencing sweltering conditions that will make their way to NSW tomorrow, with Sydney expecting Friday temps of 35°, before the whole country cools down over the weekend.

Melbourne trains, as usual, seem to be taking it the worst, with Metro announcing the cancellation of 50 train services yesterday, before the heat actually hit, in anticipation of them being really shit and everything grinding to a halt today:

Which people seem to have found much more annoying than dealing with the heat itself.

It’s not just Melbourne’s train system that loses it in this heat. Good use of the term “audibly sizzling”, @XBLGhasm.

We’re presuming that’s a hot dessert, like a crumble or a baked cheesecake. But some people, at least, are making the most of it, either utilising the mammoth heat rays to do the work of an otherwise electricity-munching clothes dryer…

Or just doing dashboard-based foodie science experiments.

Of course, Melbournians like to think they have it worse than everyone else:

But as @Woahashtonx mentioned earlier, and @Dwek__ proves below, South Australia is hot as shit as well.

Which is causing conflicting emotions among some:

And unexpected anatomical phenomena among others.

The delirium resulting from the heat has people revert to using internet catchphrases from like 9 months ago:

Even Tasmania – cold, wintry, Tasmania – is feeling the heat, pulling temperatures in the mid-30’s.

But regardless of how hot it gets, the idea of a day at the beach in Hobart still generates LOLs.

If you’re feeling hot hot hot, remember to stay cool, drink loads of water, and check in on elderly neighbours.

Lead Image: Hot With A Chance Of A Late Storm, by Glue Society. Via gluesociety.com