Ya like the heat? Do ya buddy? You like a bit of sweat? Well, if you happen to live between the Kimberly region in Western Australia and Melbourne, you’re absolutely in luck: Australia’s first proper heatwave of the summer is very much sticking around for you.

Thanks to a mass of hot air in the interior of the country, temperatures will nudge into the 40s across multiple states. “This slow-moving trough is basically not going anywhere and so the air mass – the air that’s sitting in that region – is being warmed up and quite intensely,” meteorologist Neil Bennett told 9 News.

While it’s a pleasant 25C in PerthBroome is tipped to hit a maximum of 35C and Port Hedland will see a high of 42C. Adelaide will hit 38C near the coast and go over 40C in some of the inland areas.

Melbourne is forecast to reach about 38C, and north-western parts of the state could sweat through temperatures reaching 42C. Hot enough for ya? Is it mate????

Dean Narramore from the BoM told Today that a cool change will be here eventually:

A cool change is going to bring some relief to south-eastern Australia. It’s currently in far western South Australia near the Ceduna region. We should see a hot and windy 38C today in Adelaide before a cool change might get there sometime in the mid-afternoon but down in Victoria we won’t see the cool change at all until night.

Fire your fans up, team.

Source: 9 News
Image: Airplane!