Someone Spent Hours Immortalising Miley Cyrus’ VMA Twerk In Lego

LEGO artist and dude with too much time to kill Iain Heath has spent eight hours piecing itty bitty brick by LEGO brick in to the horrific stuff of nightmares, providing the classy man’s answer to the stunning LEGO vivid Opera house model announced earlier this week.

Heath provided a commentary to his LEGO avant garde twerk of art, which officially tips the scale on the insanity that has been Twerk Watch: “Everyone in America will forever remember where they were as they learned of the traumatic events that unfolded in Brooklyn on the evening of August 25th….Authorities are looking for a short uncoordinated woman dressed in an outfit described as “totally fuck-witted”. Her accomplices are described as an unconvincing Beetlejuice cosplayer and a troop of insane oversized teddy bears from hell. The remaining shreds of Western culture are reported missing, presumed in tatters.”

Meanwhile, apparently there is a person accredited with inventing the foam finger, and he’s totally not cool with how Miley “degraded” the icon. Hm. And here’s the Miley x LEGO mess. Go home internet, you’re drunk.
Via GMA.