Now, there’s quite a few things I could imagine dropping a casual $100 K on. 50,000 cheeseburgers being just one of those things; hedging my bets and putting it all on red in Vegas, or reserving the cash exclusively as a fund for maintaining corn rows throughout my life are just two more options. And all are completely useless things that would be more worth my while than spending one hundred thousand real life actual United States of America dollars on freaking LEGO.

But the entirety of the world’s population aren’t as discerning with their funds as you or I, oh no—a dad and daughter duo in the States have spent $100,000 on LEGO for this 3 minute remake of Jurassic Park in brick form.

What a time to be alive.

A cute concept, to be sure—everyone knows LEGO improves every situation, except beneath bare feet—and the results are as schmick as you’d hope an expensive production like this would be. But no amount of “hold on to your bricks!” jokes can really appease one enough to consider the whole thing truly worth it.

This thing is sweet as all hell, so please—for the love of all things good—watch this so the pursuit doesn’t seem as fruitless and expensive as it does now.

And cast your eyes over the BTS below.*

Nb: 0:20 – “What do you do when you get surrounded by T-rex’s and raptors? You get killed,” the girl says gleefully, a twinkle in her eye. Brb, screaming.

The Verge.