Some Lucky Bugger Won That $4M Beach House Lottery For A Measly $200

In case you weren’t already overwhelmed by intense stress over Australia‘s housing market, he’s something to add to your concerns: a family in Sydney just scored a $4 million beach house for free. You, on the other hand, did not.

It was all through a charity raffle we mentioned a couple of months ago. For a $5 ticket in the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery, punters were in the running to score the Freshwater home. The lottery regularly holds house draws to raise money for veterans.
James Burry, 40, scored the house after buying $200 worth of tickets, which he claimed he “forgot” about. Mate, you don’t forget about dropping a cool double hundo on a house lottery. It’s not like buying an iced coffee from the servo.
“I’d actually forgotten I’d entered,” he said. “I heard about the draw on the radio and thought I’d buy a couple of tickets because it was going to a good cause.”

“I’ve got a lot of mates who like pulling pranks, so I thought someone was taking the piss when I first got the call saying I’d won,” Burry continued. “It’s a lot to take in. It will probably still take another couple of weeks for it all to settle in.”

The general manager of the RSL Art Union, Tracy Bishop, said this was a wildly popular lottery. “Tickets sold out early,” she said. “I think the home captured a lot of people’s imagination. It’s a beautiful home that ticks all the boxes for Sydneysiders and not many properties sell in the area, so it’s a difficult location to get into.”
Bishop also dropped one of the most patently horrifying lines in recent Australian memory. “More Australians than ever before are turning to prize home lotteries to have a chance at entering the housing market.” Christ. If that little nugget of wisdom about the housing market doesn’t depress you beyond belief, I don’t know what will.
Here’s to the family who will be thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying their beach views. As we said in the last article, because we wrote about it we should be allowed to crash there after a night on the piss. Thanks.
Photo: Supplied.