A FB Group Of 250 Aussies From The Same Town Went In On Lotto Together & Won A Whopping $63M

A Western Australian Facebook group dedicated to paying off their mortgages scored a massive win in the $126 million Powerball lottery on Thursday. It’s great to see Facebook groups being used for something other than anti-vax fuckery and Peep Show memes, TBH.

ICYMI, there were two winners of the Powerball lotto, meaning each winner scored over $63 million each (quick maths). The $126 million jackpot was the biggest prize in over two and a half years.

But it turns out that one of the winning tickets was bought by a syndicate from Kalgoorlie in WA. Teamwork makes the dream work, modern socialism in action, we simply love to see it.

The 250 person strong collective came together in a Facebook group called “Goldfields, let’s pay our mortgages” as per News.com.au.

The publication reported that each of the people in the group won around $260,000, which is a lovely little chunk of that mortgage paid off.

Nadia Turner, one of the members of the syndicate, told 6PR radio that it was “surreal”.

“Kalgoorlie is a small place, everybody knows everybody. It was the realisation that we are sharing it with a lot of people in the community,” she said.

Another winner called Louie Trow described the win as “awesome”. Pretty apt, I’d say.

“How good is it for Kalgoorlie. 250 smiling faces. This is just going to change the town, it is awesome,” he said, as per WA Today.

I’ve never bought a lottery ticket before, but if I ever do I’m deff going in with the groupchat. A fancy European villa holiday with a big group of people, like in a Sally Rooney novel but with less interpersonal drama? Yes please and thank you.

The other lottery winner is a man from Coffs Harbour in NSW. He told Nine News he was planning on buying a “red sports car, a new house [and] holidays”. A fkn good selection there, I have to admit.

In a particularly hilarious addition to the story, the newsagency who sold the winning Western Australian lottery ticket posted a very, very excited status update to their Facebook page.

“WE FUCKING DID IT,” it read according to News.com.au, with a lovely collection of raised hand emojis.

Alas, the Facebook post has now been deleted. Honestly, I reckon selling a winning Powerball ticket is enough to justify a newsagent swearing on Facebook.

Live your truth guys.