You Should Probs Drop $5 On This Raffle To Win A $4M Sydney Beach House Hey

Thanks to a combination of a generational decrease in housing affordability and Sydney‘s particularly prohibitive market, owning a house in Sydney is a dream reserved mostly for people over the age of 45 who own upwards of three monocles.

You might struggle to rustle up enough money to buy a $4 million house normally (if you don’t, please send me some money thx), but it might be slightly more in your ballpark for the low, low price of a cool five buckeroos.
Like all good things, it’s not quite as good as it sounds but, I mean, it’s still pretty good: the RSL Art Union Prize Home Lottery is offering up a chance at owning super swish beachfront home in Sydney’s Freshwater for the cost of a $5 lottery ticket (that cost being $5).
Don’t know about you, but I could certainly find a way to use a 4 bedroom house that’s immediately beach adjacent – for instance: living, partying, sleeping, eating, doing cool shit rent free all the time.
Picture this living room, with less dorky furniture in it:
Picture this kitchen, with a bunch of your mates drinking cheap tinnies and throwing up in the sink:
It’s got a crazy spectacular view from Manly to Curl Curl and, let’s face it, is a thousand times nicer than the nightmare sharehouse you live in.
You can buy tixxx right here. Reading this article is a binding contract that you’ll share it with me if you win, cheers.
Photo: RSL Art Union.