Sephora Has A Fkn Wild Sale On RN & There’s Good Shit That’s Discounted Up To 50%

The entire internet is sales right now, not that we’re complaining. One massive sale going down atm is Sephora, who have up to 50% off a huge range of stuff on site.

If you love skincare / makeup / all that jazz, you absolutely froth Sephora, who launched on Aussie shores a few years back.

But while you might think the only 50% off stuff would be blue lipstick and like, some strange skincare step no one asked for that a brand invented, you’d be wrong. There’s really, really good stuff at super discounted prices on the Sephora website.

Here are a few hot picks.

Fenty Beauty Liquid Diamond Bomb Glitter Highlighter, $48 down to $24
Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation, $79 down to $39.50
Starskin VIP Mask, $25 down to $17.50
Sephora Moisturising Gelee, $15 down to $7.50
KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, $29 down to $14.50
Skin Inc Mask-Have Matte & Glow Duo, $99 down to $69.30

It’s worth noting that Kat Von D’s beauty brand renamed itself KVD Vegan Beauty this year, after Kat stepped down from her role in the company. So if you had issues with Kat Von D’s personal stances on stuff like anti-vax and so on, you can shop it again – it’s also a huge 50% off, and there are heaps of cult products. Big win.

The Sephora sale runs from now until 23rd June.

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