This Vertical Garden Waters Itself, Which Means Not Even Your Plants Need You Anymore

For the plant-obsessed among you, allow me to turn your attention to a self-watering vertical garden.

This particular vertical garden is the work of Urban Eden, a Sydney-based business dedicated to home and garden. Along with the vertical garden, the team also make divine vases and planters for the indoors.

The vertical eden will set you back $258, which I know is a tad pricey (but an excellent group prezzie idea, tell ya what). The garden comes with six self-watering vertical planters, a stand alone rack, and all the bracket screws and plugs needed if you want to pin your garden to a wall or fence. The vertical garden doesn’t necessarily have to be installed on a wall or fence though. It also works as a cute privacy screen or just a nice feature piece, y’know?

So, how does it work? Well, each planter row has four pods to plant directly into. And at the base of each row is a little water well. You can stack your plants side by side or vertically, the choice is yours. Anyway, each pod has a bunch of holes in the bottom so roots can both grow and access the water well. So when you do water your garden – from the top to bottom – the water will flow down to the planter below, like a waterfall. Each row also has a water level indicator so you know when your garden’s feeling dry. Do you know what this means? It means you (I) probably won’t end up murdering another plant. RIP my office plant.

She’s a beauty.

You can check out all things Urban Eden, right here.