Rihanna Did A No-Bullshit Makeup Tutorial For ‘Vogue’ Ft. Her Contouring Hacks

I’m personally not a fan of makeup tutorials. This is probably because, even after like 8 years of being a beauty editor, I can only do ONE LOOK on my own bonce and I’m extremely resentful of all the vloggers and MUAs that can nail a smoky eye and a contoured cheek.

One type of makeup tutorial I DO enjoy is a funny one. A super real, sometimes-I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing one. And that’s what we’ve been ~blessed~ with today c/o Rihanna and Vogue. The video is to tie in to Riri’s current Vogue cover, and obviously features copious amounts of Fenty Beauty.

It also features plenty of lols and some good old fashioned sick burns that Rihanna gives herself.

My favourite bits? When she says she’s got a huge forehead and that she contours it down to hide it. Lololol. Also the realness in “contour always starts out looking absolutely crazy”. Yeah, it absolutely does.

She’s just so fucking delightful in general.

Also goddamn, I need this highlighter immediately.

Her look is pretty do-able tbh. Maybe I’ll try my hand at contouring again? MAYBE.