Let That Mascara Run, Bc Makeup Artist Rae Morris’ Brush Set Costs $2,799

Beauty. It costs SOME fkn money. Like, if you really get invested in your beauty stash you’d best believe you’ll be throwing down some cold hard cash for products, especially if they’re at cult status. I personally reckon 90% of the time (as long as you do your research, hellooooo you’d better be in at least 3 Facebook beauty rec groups) it’s very much worth it.

One of the most costly beauty buys is makeup brushes. Let’s chalk it up to the tech involved in forming a bunch of synthetic or fur bristles into a product that can effortlessly blend your foundation or add just the right amount of eyeshadow in exactly the right spot.

It’s not uncommon to spend $50-$80 on a brush. But $2,799 for a 35 piece set? Excuse me while my heart arrests itself.

That’s the cost of Rae Morris‘ “The Lot” – 35 of her (genuinely amazing) makeup brushes, in one bumper set, along with two brush holders, a travel case and the “Rae Frame”, which you can magnetically hold your brushes on.

I know you’re probably there clutching your pearls, and I’ll admit this is a HUGE price point, but as someone who has once tried Rae’s brushes, I can say they’re off the charts amazing in terms of quality. Although it should be noted that folks who aren’t into animal hair brushes will not enjoy the fact that they’re hair bristles.

If you can’t afford the bumper set (lol join the club) many of her individual brushes have cult followings from makeup aficionados and makeup artists. For example, I’ve never really found a brush that does the blending magic that the Radiance brush does.

Mecca, who stock Rae’s products, aren’t kidding themselves thinking just anyone’s gonna pick this kit up – their description of the set literally says “created for the Ultimate Beauty Junkie”. So. Yes I can absolutely see beauty obsessives nationwide throwing down for this motherlode.

There are, of course, smaller sets you can buy – the Rae Morris Personal Set is $545, for example. Which is still a wild price but I guess if I combine my birthday, Christmas and maybe next birthday gifts into one, I might convince my sister to get it for me.