Refinery 29 Names Top Fashion Bloggers

Love or hate them, fashion bloggers are becoming an increasingly powerful voice in setting the agenda on style. They have wardrobes most of us would kill for (how they afford these are largely unknown). They have the ability to pose in front of a camera without inhibition. The whole concept of a personal blog can easily be interpreted as self-indulgent on the part of the blogger and voyeuristic on the part of the regular visitors. That aside, we can’t deny our obsession with it.

Refinery 29 have released a list of five fashion bloggers to watch and sure enough they’re all young unique girls with a style that steers away from the norm:

5. Natalie Suarez (Natalie Off Duty) is a model/musician whose look is feminine rock chick.
4. New Yorker Christina Caradona (Troup Rouge ) mixes retro and edge… and has some bangin’ curls that give Kelis a run for her money.
3. UK designer (FroufrouuNadia Sarwar) pulls off classic European, offbeat ensembles that are absolutely amazing. Well worth a look at. And she’s not averse to wearing hats either.
2. Julie Sarinana (Sincerely Jules) like her wardrobe is both gorgeous and playful. And there’s sme pretty awesome photography to look at too.
1. Annemiek (Mode D’Amour) from Netherlands has a chic, mature style for her age. Yes, she’s only nineteen, but this girl knows how to pair simplistic neutral toned pieces with just the right accessories.

Pedestrian wants to know which style blogs our readers can’t get enough of and think deserve a shout out. Give us your suggestions in the comments section to help us compile our own list.
We want untapped, underground, undiscovered voices of girls and boys – preferably local – who inspire or entertain you on a regular basis.