Watch This Exclusive Sneak Peek Of ‘Fashion Bloggers’ Season Two

The eternally-glamorous content creators are back!

Rejoin the world where Instagram follower counts are the be-all and end-all: the second season of E!‘s Fashion Bloggers.
This season has a cast change – Margaret Zhang from Shine By Three is no longer featured on the show, but her chic replacement is Nadia Fairfax, of the editorial masterpiece Fairfax Journal. Nadia joins your blogger faves Amanda Shadforth (Oracle Fox), Zanita Whittington (Zanita), Sara Donaldson (Harper & Harley), and Kate Waterhouse (Kate Waterhouse). 
We bring you this exclusive preview of the first episode of the series, to get you into the farshun frame of mind. We follow the ladies through site/life updates, and join them as they head to Australian Fashion Week at Carriageworks in Sydney. Despite assumptions, this sneak peek proves that fashion week is only 50% glamorous shows and being photographed – the other half of their time is spent is running in too-tall heels, and awkwardly getting dressed in cars. 
These women know a thing or two about style, so if you find yourself breaking down in tears every morning while choosing what to wear to work, we’d recommend tuning in. 
Love & light babes, love & light.