Tavi And Blogging Pals Take Over NYFW

Much to the distress of the traditional fashion crowd, the presence of bloggers at New York Fashion Week events has been huge: Tavi – of course – has been everywhere, darling; Bryan Boy; English Rose; and Racked’s five-year-old recruit Katie are just some of the online identities that have been taking up decent front row seats.

The post-Blog Crazed World has promoted the unedited opinions and fresh perspectives of teenage (and younger!) fashion-bloggers to the forefront of the industry’s critical discourse.

But the question is – do we sit up and listen to these random opinions of non-experts with a little too much time on their hands? Are bloggers the new group responsible for telling us what’s ‘IN’ and what’s ‘OUT’, or are they simply a reflection of the ever-changing world of fashion: yet another trend that will soon be discarded like a pair of fluoro-pink fingerless mesh gloves?