The Lid Of This Luxe Picnic Basket Doubles As A Cheeseboard, Which Is A Mood

Nothing is better on a crisp-yet-sunny winter’s day than to hit up your local park with a picnic basket… that’s full of cheese, obviously. So when we heard that The Beach People had a picnic basket that has a lid which doubles as a cheese board, we were basically drooling.

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The picnic basket is chic as hell, meaning you’ll probably be posting it all over your Instagram account more than you’ll be looking at your lush surroundings. It’s big enough to fit a bottle of champagne (necessary), and is fully insulated so your drinks and snacks will stay crisp and cold.

But obviously the thing we most care about here is that cheese board lid. There’s nothing more annoying than having to remember all the bits and pieces you need to pack along with your food, so having a lid that doubles as a (food grade, of course) platter is heaven.

Just wipe it down when you’re finished and pop it back on top (obviously then wash it properly when you get home.

You can own one of these lush baskets for a cool $199, which isn’t exactly cheap but it *is* a showstopper of a basket, no? Head to The Beach People before they sell out.