From Butter Boards To Colour Themes, Here Are The Biggest Picnic Trends To Mix Up Your Grazing Routine

Summer is just around the corner, and for some of us, our Facebook notifications are set to be popping off with picnic invites and the TikTok algorithm has been targeting you with bizarre interpretations of a charcuterie board.

If you’re stuck on how to throw a hype picnic gath, here are some new ways to mix up your regular picnic and add a bit of flair to it. From butter boards to colour themes, here are the picnic trends that popped off this year.

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Rainbow Picnic

A rainbow picnic is a great way to add a theme to your picnic that isn’t too overwhelming for your guests, while also giving them plenty of opportunity to get creative! You don’t even need to stick to one theme as a lot of the trendier tiktoks show each guest catering to a colour of their choice. On the aesthetic side, it also gives you an excuse to bust out the hot pink Mean Girls outfit you’ve been saving for a while.

Image: Mean Girls

Picnic Banquet

Sometimes you may want to take your picnic to the next level and add a little bit of flair to the table – it’s also a great option if you wanna have a dress theme. Not only is the banquet incredibly aesthetic, but they make for a comfier picnic experience overall.

A picnic banquette is a lot like a regular banquette except cottage core. A table is set up with plates, cutlery and often floral accessories and a hearty meal is served, making the event a very intimate outdoor social gathering. The extra bit of cushion is gonna do wonders for the knees and having the extra space to lay out and arrange the picnic makes for a tidier experience also.

Indoor Picnic

Planning a day out in the sun can be a coin flip – thankfully the good vibes flow even at an indoor picnic! Getting into a space you have more control over allows you to have more options for how you want to decorate your picnic and set the mood for the event. Whether you want to go all out on blanket forts, and lighting or take a minimalist approach, all are viable!

You’ll also be able to cook food on the spot instead of relying on those outdoor shared bbq spots that someone just left behind in a pigsty. On top of avoiding weather, you’ll also be able to avoid seagulls and some random bringing a guitar to play Riptide.

Ready To Serve Drinks

Image: Supplied

Ready to serve drinks in a can have become a picnic staple. They’re easy to pack, require minimal effort, are aesthetically pleasing, and more importantly – they also taste really good.

Jose Cuervo Sparkling Margaritas are a great option for a refreshing bev to bring to your next picnic outing. They also just dropped a new watermelon flavour that’s mixed with natural watermelon flavours, Jose Cuervo tequila and zesty lime. You can sip these straight from the can or pour over ice in a nice tumbler glass. These cans have a light sparkle to them and are refreshing to sip down after some picnic soccer and bread.

You can grab these at your local bottle shop if you’re in need of a reliable last-minute add-on for your picnic.

Cocktail Glass Cake

If you’d like to bring a tumbler glass with ya to sip your watermelon margarita out of, here’s how you can get some extra value out of your bulky glass.

Remembering to bring a knife to the picnic is always a test in friendships as no one wants to be the person on knife duty, and we’ve all been in situations before where it’s been left behind.

This cake-cutting method went viral last year showing a group of gals cutting into red velvet with their wine glasses, saving on having to use a knife.

If you’re looking for another reason as to why the tumbler glass hack is the superior way to eat cake, this chaotic picnic hack is also more of a more sanitary option for sharing cake as no one has to cut into the cake and hand you a slice with their gross ham covered fingers.

How you eat the cake is entirely up to you. You can guzzle it down like a seagull as a power move, or use a cute lil spoon to eat it like a mousse – both are judgement free!

Butter Board

The latest viral trend in Picnic Tiktok. A butter board is a bit like a charcuterie board, but a bit more focused. A standard butter board is a board spread with salted butter, garlic, lemon zest, a drizzle of lavender honey, and edible flowers served with crispy sourdough.

There are plenty of different ways to spice up your own butter board as well. There’s plenty of potential to place zesty fruits, smoked meats, strawberries, and figs, the options are limitless! (Just please dear god don’t even attempt raisins). Someone has even substituted butter for cream cheese if you’re looking for different flavour profiles. Just make sure your board is hygienic and won’t poison your friends!


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If you consider yourself the trendsetter of the group, hopefully, these ideas help get people hailing you as the next harvest queen this summer.