Not A Drill: How To Score A Free 6-Pack From BWS For Hot Vax Summer

free drinks

I don’t know about you, but every day that brings me closer to the end of lockdown, now that we’ve hit our vax targets, takes a little more weight off my shoulders. Every day also seems to bring about a new plan with another friend ready for #hotvaxsummer, and I could frankly do with some free drinks or my wallet is going to get mighty trim.

Luckily, BWS have heard this need. From October 8 while stocks last, when you create an online BWS account and buy two six-packs of XXXX DRY or James Squire Zero (which yes is alcohol-free, so any Deso Drivers in your group are covered) online, you’ll get the second one for free. Basically, you’ll be the most popular person at the picnic.

There are only 20,000 free six-packs to give away around the country. When you consider how many people are desperate to get out and meet their mates, that is not a lot of six-packs. I strongly recommend getting in sooner and saving for later, if you must.

So now we’re just left with one question: who would you want to share a drink with?

It’s been a long while, so once you’ve locked down your free drinks, grab a happy snap with you and the mates you’re sharing a bevvie with (maybe even chuck a #cantwaitmate on there) and finally update your profile pictures. Am I right?

Oh, and if you need a little inspiration for picnic spots, we’ve got you covered. Sydneysiders will want to head to these parks where you can enjoy your drinks in public, Queenslanders should try these spots, and we can all turn our outdoor gatherings up to 11 with the addition of this luxury picnic basket.

Cheers to everything I’ve said here.

You can read the T&Cs and the special instructions here.