TikTok chef Joe Sasto has shared a video recipe for focaccia charcuterie boards, which is the perfect snack for your post-vaccine picnic. Basically, it swaps out the classic wooden charcuterie board for an edible—and delicious—one made out of carbs, olives, tomatoes and herbs. Yum-TF-o.

While being less likely to get really sick from COVID-19 is enticing, the idea of munching on this in the park with friends is persuading me to get the jab sooner. I mean, just look at this chunky scrumptious beast.


focaccia charcuterie board #charcuterieboard

♬ original sound – Joe Sasto

Anyway, with those of us in NSW and Victoria finally able to go outside and eat our baked goods from lockdown in the park with pals, here’s how to make the perfect post-vax picnic snack: the focaccia charcuterie board.

Here’s what you need

To make Sasto’s focaccia charcuterie board, you’ll need the following.

First, for the dough, he recommends:

  • 100% flour (75% bread flour / 25% drum)
  • 66% water.
  • 2.1% salt.
  • 1% sugar.
  • 1% malt powder (optional)
  • 3% olive oil.
  • 1% instant yeast.

Then, for the actual recipe:

  • A jar of Kalamata olives, pitted.
  • A jar of green olives, pitted.
  • A bunch of rosemary.
  • A punnet of Roma tomatoes.
  • Half a cup of walnuts.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil.
  • Four aluminium dishes and some aluminium foil wrapped into a large ball.
  • A small wheel of brie (optional)
  • Salami or your choice of cold meats (optional)
  • Blocks of cheddar cheese (optional)
  • Grapes (optional)

How to make a focaccia charcuterie board

First, you want to start on the bread dough.

Mix yeast with warm water and honey. Then add flour, salt and olive oil to the mix, kneading the dough ten to 15 times.

Let the dough rise until it’s doubled in size. This should usually take about an hour.

While that’s rising, dress a deep baking tray with extra-virgin olive oil before placing those aluminium trays and ball around the tray (this will end up being where the cheese and cold meats go so choose wisely). Generously fill up the rest of the space with a can of Kalamata and green olives, rosemary, walnuts, Roma tomatoes and some salt and pepper.

Then, place your dough over the tray, cover it in olive oil and poke a series of holes in it. Bake in the oven until golden brown.

Once it’s golden, pull it out of the oven, place another tray on top of it to flip the board over. Remove the aluminium dishes and ball and fill in that new space with whatever spreads you want (cheese, cold meats, fruit, dips, etc). And voila, it’s as easy as that.

If you’re fully vaccinated in New South Wales or Victoria, you can have an outdoor picnic in groups of up to five fully vaccinated adults. FYI if you’re in Victoria, however, there’s still a ban on drinking alcohol in the park. Now, if you excuse me, I have a date with some friends and a deliciously edible charcuterie board. Get out of the oven and in my belly.