People Have Been Camping Out All Week For Kanye West’s Shoes

You kinda have to admire the tenacity of people sometimes. Even if it is in the pursuit of a mathematically fruitless endeavour.

Kanye West and Adidas are gearing up to release another super-limited edition to his already rare as hens teeth sneaker line, Yeezy Boost.
The Yeezy Boost 350 was released earlier this year and sold out quicker than it took to actually say its name. This weekend marks the release of the colour variant, Yeezy Boost 350 Black.
It is a pair of shoes that look like this.
Like the vast majority of other shoes, they possess a rubber compound sole, a foot-shaped gap of air, and laces to tighten.
They are also causing people to go absolutely batshit nuts trying to get their hands on a pair.
Outside Sydney’s Incu Mens store on George Street, for example, a line of people has already formed outside the stores doors.
The shoes are being released on Saturday.
The line started forming on Monday.
Like a throwback to a 1970s-era Bowie concert at the MCG, the line has seen people camping out en masse – sleeping bags and all.
A pair of people at the front of the line are even so sick of telling passersby what they’re lining up for that they took the liberty of drawing up a handy explainer sign. Observe.
Still do have a few question, truth be told.
If you thought that in and of itself was a noodle scratcher, get a load of this: The line of people is around 80 deep, but Incu Mens has stated that the store will only be carrying 44 pairs.
The 36 other people in the line are staying there in the hope that people in front of them drop out of the line, for whatever reason.
If the shoe fits, we guess…
The shoes go on sale Saturday morning, and are expected to sell out globally within minutes.