Kanye Is Set To Make (More) $quillions Because The NFL Just Banned Yeezys

If history is anything to go by, Kanye West is about to get FUCKED UP rich. Way richer than what he already is. Rich beyond his wildest dreams. Fuck you money territory, is what we’re saying.
You all know by now that the man known as Ye has an on-going collaboration with Adidas on a series of highly sought-after shoes known as Yeezy Boosts. Y’know the ones: they’re the shoes that make your sneakerhead mates go batshit enough to line up outside Culture Kings for multiple hours just to get their hands on a pair.
A few days ago, Adidas and West announced the newest member of the Yeezy Boost line: The Yeezy Cleats. Basically the same as Yeezy Boosts, but in footy boot form. Sports nuts have been losing their ever-loving shit over them, and the company has been getting ahead of the game by sending out advance pairs to high profile NFL players to rep.
Denver Broncos SuperBowl MVP Von Miller copped an advance pair that admittedly look fresh as hell, causing everyone with a passing interest in footwear to freak out.

And in last week’s Week 1 competition of the new NFL season, players like Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans, and Sammy Watkins of the Buffalo Bills all repped them on the field for the very first time.

Problem is, the NFL didn’t take too kindly to the new kicks at all, for whatever godforsaken reason. The notoriously crotchety administration sent notices to the players who wore the shoes on-field notifying them that they would be fined $6,000 each time they did so. In the NFL’s words it’s because boots worn in-game need to have a “solid base colour.” Apparently NFL Headquarters is located in the town from ‘Footloose.’
Hopkins confirmed the fine and stated that he wouldn’t be wearing the shoes again unless Kanye paid the fines for him. But apparently that’s not going to be needed.
The good word is that Adidas is in talks to pay any and all fines players cop for wearing Yeezys in-game. And there’s a very bloody good reason for it.
The last time a major American sporting league banned a notable signature line of shoes was back in 1985, for a little-known line of shoes called ‘Air Jordans.’ That banhammering gave the shoes instant credibility, and helped rocket them into the culture-defining piece of apparel that they are today.
The Yeezy 350 and Yeezy 750s are due to hit retailers at some point this Spring, with a hefty price tag of US$250 and US$300 respectively attached.
If the NFL, notorious haters of fun and good things, continues to make these shoes public enemy #1, next year just about every footy league on the planet will be blanketed in them.
And that would be money to Kanye’s ears.
Source: NFL.com.
Photo: Thomas B. Shea/Getty.