Noted Cool Guy Bob Katter Crowdsourcing Ideas For His New TV Campaign

Bob Katter needs you!

The effortlessly contemporary cool guy last seen trying to breakdance, ride a fixie and claim Justin Bieber’s hairstyle has given the Australian voting public the keys to his new election campaign by employing the most fashionable form of generating new ideas possible: crowdsourcing. 

The unintentionally hilarious Independent MP has released an intentionally terrible campaign video, purported to be made by his staff, asking the people of Australia if he can steal their ideas to do one better and submit an improved election advert to be aired this year on free to air television. 

Entries should be no longer than 60 seconds, reflect Bob’s policies and personality and tackle “important stuff, like what is means to be Australian, nation building, creating and protecting Aussie jobs, protecting our assets and fighting the supermarket giants duopoly.”

As the call out notes: “This election, Bob Katter is doing something different. This election, Bob Katter is shaking things up.”

This election, Bob Katter is continuing to be embarrassing.

Via Mumbrella